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Parenting is one of the most rewarding opportunities you could ever have. It can also be the most challenging. Our Practical Parenting Programs will provide you with techniques to help reduce stress, resolve conflicts and enjoy family life even more!

Do you want to be a more positive, effective parent? Are you looking for ways to re-connect with your partner? 

Every parent should take this program.

Surviving Early Parenthood

Parenthood is not easy. Whether you’re a single parent and feel as though you might snap at any moment or worried about the bond with your spouse or significant other, being proactive about your relationships will increase the likelihood that your family will remain intact, healthy, and happy for years to come.

Proactive Parenting will bring you and your spouse closer than ever before and inspire your children to reconnect with you in ways you never knew were possible.


Are you going through a divorce or separation? We specialize in helping newly single parents manage the transition and teaching you ways to help children cope with the changes and challenges of living in two homes. A certificate of completion is provided after this 5-week Co-Parenting program.


It's a rare exception to find someone who doesn't want, with all their heart, to be the best they can be for their children or partner. It's also a rare exception to find an individual who doesn't doubt, struggle and wish that they knew more, and ached to be better. Parenting / Life Coaches can help you become the parent or partner you have always wanted to be. You truly can make a difference in your family's life. We can show you how.

Sondra has a lot of great information and practical advice.

Parenting Parties

In the comfort of your home and with your girlfriends or other couples, our Parenting Parties provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to get all of your questions answered. We customize each event for your group and leave you feeling more confident about your parenting skills. You'll take with you valuable communication techniques and ways in which you can help enhance your personal relationships.

These Programs are for You!

We offer the Redirecting Children's Behavior course as well as more specific Parenting Workshops to deal with the stresses modern families face. We also work to strengthen the relationships in your life through coaching sessions and personal programs, designed specifically for you.

Parents, teachers, grandparents, health care workers, counselors, foster parents and anyone looking to strengthen their relationships will benefit from these courses and one-on-one coaching.