Mother's Day Interview Printable

Mother’s Day Interview Printable

If you have a child in school, they’ve probably done this activity at some point but this is a great way for dads to get involved and help little ones put some thoughtful – and memorable – quotes together for mom this Mother’s Day.

Print out the PDF so you can fill it out at home. You can change these statements into questions for a younger child to answer or let older children fill this out on their own. Get creative and have kids answer these on video as a great keepsake for years to come.

All About Mom

I really love it when my mom

My mom likes to…

My mom’s favorite song is

My mom always tells me

My mom is happiest when

My mom loves to relax by

I like it when my mom…

The best meal my mom makes is…

My mom’s favorite food is…

My mom’s favorite TV show is

If my mom could go on a trip, she would go

What I love most about my mom is

Of course, you can come up with your very own ideas to interview your child or children for Mother’s Day – or Father’s Day when it’s dad’s turn – but this list is just to give you some inspiration. Have fun!

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