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Pregnancy, Times Two

Imagine having a partner who knew exactly what you were going through during your pregnancy. For many women, that’s not possible, but for Kristen Henderson and her partner, Sarah Kate Ellis, they were truly able to walk in each other’s shoes during their simultaneous pregnancies, due three days apart with their “twins.”

Following their journey through infertility, miscarriages and heartache, the couple find that their joy of finally becoming pregnant is doubled, as is their dose of morning sickness and hormonal changes. They also discovered that they each had a completely different opinion on many things related to the babies, including their desire to want to know their gender.

The babies, one boy and one girl, were born in the same month, although three weeks apart. Readers get to follow along through the entire nine months in Times Two, a wonderful memoir on pregnancy and the ups and downs that each of these women faced on the road to motherhood.

Taking turns sharing their version of the events during this emotional time in their lives, they wrote this book “for anyone who has ever taken a pregnancy test and felt the heart-wrenching disappointment of a negative result…for families who would go to any lengths to conceive a child…for anyone who has ever been told their way of life is not acceptable. Mostly, it’s for any woman who has fervently wished that her partner could just understand what it was like to be pregnant.”

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