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Blacklisted from the PTA

This post is dedicated to every parent who has ever served on the PTA board of their child’s school. It’s nothing at all like the gals on Weeds portray it to be. Just ask Lela Davidson. She’s the expert on PTA boards, or at least how to get blacklisted from them (pass out peanuts or show off your tramp stamp).

In her new book, Blacklisted from the PTA, just released this month, Davidson provides short essays on PTA boards, hockey moms, birthday parties, date night, strategic swearing, and how to convince your kids that you’re The Best Mom Ever.

Written for readers with a short attention span (the chapters are only a few pages each), Davidson knows how to connect with her audience, sharing stories that any parent can relate to.

My favorite chapter, and a list I recommend you share with your significant other – Top Ten Reasons to Date Your Spouse This Year:

  1. Dating is cheaper than counseling – not to mention divorce.
  2. Your spouse is hotter than you think.
  3. Date night is a guilt-free way to get away from your kids.
  4. You used to be really into each other.
  5. There is no Bravo vs. Discovery Channel on a date.
  6. Shoes, shoes, shoes.
  7. The kids love eating mac-n-cheese out of a box.
  8. It might be the only night of the month you actually do your hair.
  9. Date night is a good time to reminisce.
  10. It could lead to sex.

Lela Davidson is the managing editor of ParentingSquad and blogs at After the Bubbly. Blacklisted from the PTA is available now.

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