Craft Beer and Brazilian Fare at Buffalo Public House

Craft Beer and Brazilian Fare at Buffalo Public House

If the words Breakfast Nachos don’t mean anything to you, you’re totally missing out.

Chilaquiles from Buffalo Public House
I was introduced to Chilaquiles last weekend at The Buffalo Public House in Hillcrest and my life has been forever changed. Since brunch is my all-time favorite meal, I was super excited to sample the menu at this newly remodeled space on University Avenue, just around the corner from another infamous San Diego breakfast spot with a line out the door.

Chilaquiles is a tasty combination of spice, crunch, and creaminess which combine fresh cut tortilla chips, inguiça sausage, scrambled eggs, cojita cheese, house made salsa verde, and topped with avocado & sour cream. You cannot order from the brunch menu at this restaurant without sampling this house favorite.

Their house made buttermilk biscuits are a must as well, so make sure you stop in with a few friends so you can order one of everything and sample from each others’ plates.

Buttermilk Biscuits from Buffalo Public House
Those who love savory menu items will drool over the Sweet Coconut Pancakes that were so thin and light, I thought they were more like crepes or the Stuffed French Toast which were perfectly  moist and flavorful.

Coconut Pancakes from Buffalo Public House
I also had to order the Buffalo Benedict which are served on the buttermilk biscuits and had red potatoes on the side that had a sweet and savory taste that kept my taste buds wanting more. The bottomless mimosas kept me wanting more as well and I highly recommend you add this to your brunch order when you visit the Buffalo Public House.


The Buffalo Benedict is AMAZING!!!

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The Buffalo Public House is a new restaurant with a menu with a Brazilian flare. Owners Norah and Henrique Gomes combined their American and Brazilian cultures to create this combination of flavors and ingredients that will appeal to those who like spice, exotic fruits and a hearty meal. They use locally grown produce, organic beef, free range chicken and eggs, and feature other sustainably-raised menu-options like bison burgers and wild caught seafood.

My husband and I ended up going back to sample their dinner menu since I was excited to see what else these combinations could provide as far as flavor and spice. The craft beer menu awaited us when we arrived and my husband and I carefully dissected the menu to figure out what we could share versus what we could order that would leave us with enough food to enjoy on our own, without having to fight over the others’ plate.

Buffalo Public House
The Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Dates were amazing…I would recommend ordering these from the appetizer menu, for sure, even if you don’t intend to share!


#bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese = total foodgasm. #mediatasting A photo posted by Sondra Drahos (@happyhealthyhip) on

I ended up ordering the grass fed NY strip with shoestring fries, blue cheese & stout with mushroom sauce. To die for! Steak Frites from Buffalo Public House Of course, for me, dinner is never complete without dessert, so we ordered the giant brownie, which was topped with strawberries, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

The Buffalo Public House is a fantastic place to head for Date Night, brunch with your girlfriends, or to grab a quick lunch. Their beer menu is overwhelming so be prepared to get some advice from the wait staff who are happy to help with suggestions and to narrow down the choices.

No matter what you order from the menu, you won’t have room for disappointment, unless of course you should determine you won’t be able to return to sample more from their tasty menu.

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