7 Picture Books for the Back-to-School Blues

7 Picture Books for the Back-to-School Blues

Having children seven years apart has really made me take notice of the ways they are alike and forces me to not forget how my oldest son was during certain phases and at different childhood milestones like those his little brother is experiencing now.

This fall, my oldest son starts Middle School. He attends a private school that goes through eighth grade and is still in class with kids he has known since he first started school at just 4 1/2 years old. His little brother, now four and half himself, starts Pre-K in the fall, just like his older brother did seven years ago. Same school, same playground, many of the same teachers still there and, of course, many of the same families with kids of various ages that we have gotten to know over these last several years.

Even though it’s my second time sending off a child to school for their first time, I’m overwhelmed with emotion, already. My husband is sending off his son to school for the first time and I know it’s just as hard, if not more, for the parents than it is for the child when it’s time to say goodbye during those first few days.

I’ve kept many of these picture books on our shelves which helped my oldest transition during his first experience with school and now I get to read them with my second child, helping us all get used to the idea that things will be different once school starts in September.

7 Picture Books for the Back-to-School Blues


What am I forgetting? Let me know, by commenting here, or on the Shopswell list page with these picture books what others you’d recommend for kids heading off for their very first day of school this fall.

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