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The California Cannabis Community Welcomes ClubM

A few weekends back, my husband and I attended the private launch party for ClubM, a new premium medical cannabis subscription box that is now available here in California. For those who use medicinal marijuana in its numerous forms (oils, edibles, vapors, etc.), you’ll be pleased to learn about this exclusive, members only program that will deliver high quality products right to your door.

Each month, the theme of the box changes and this first month, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, is of course themed around LOVE. The subscription box has everything you need to help you create the most perfect moments imaginable with your significant other, from munchies to medicinal cannabis.

ClubM LOVE Box

The menu of items found inside this LOVE box include: BHANG Chocolate Bar, BHANG Black Vape, BHANG pure oil vape, Vape battery, charger & case, Foria Pleasure (oil), Potella Edible (hazelnut chocolate body spread), Special Gummie Edibles (chocolate covered strawberry hearts), Sweet Sangria Candle, Cajun Pretzel Twists, Hand Dipped Incense, and of course, the Love Box Custom Playlist.

LoveBox from ClubM

We got to sample just about everything that is inside this February box at the launch event. The party was an outdoor experience unlike any other we’ve encountered. Tents were set up outside by the fire pit which contained the pretzels and potella for us to sample together. Without knowing how strong the edible spread was, we each took a small taste and walked around the various tables to experience the other goodies throughout the night.

Cannabis Tea (hot tea) was available, along with samples of the chocolate cannabis which was quite strong, in flavor and in potency. My husband I shared the chocolate covered strawberry hearts which seemed to take effect pretty quickly. We also took a small sample of the BHANG chocolate bar coated with peppermint candy cane bark and sipped on some homemade Kombucha while we enjoyed the music and the beautiful atmosphere of the private event.

Hitting every single one of your senses: TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, SOUND, AND SIGHT – this LOVE box exclusively from ClubM makes such a great gift for that special someone in your life, or for yourself. Each item in this box (Vol. 1) was hand selected to engage, delight, and amplify each of your five senses.

ClubM LoveBox Menu

This is the “menu” of the items found inside this first LOVE themed box. The prices you see after each item is the retail cost, which means ClubM members receive over a 50% savings by being a part of this exclusive club.

This premium medical cannabis subscription is ONLY available to those in California with a medical marijuana prescription card. Join CLUBM today and reward yourself.

Here’s a quick overview on how it all works:

Join ClubM

Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for ClubM, which means I receive samples of the goodies found inside the monthly box ahead of time so I can share my experience and honest product reviews with others.

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