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Rush on the Rocks

Rush on the Rocks at Hard Rock Cafe

My favorite thing about the holiday season is the long list of holiday flavors and specialty drinks and menus that pop up around this time of year. Apple cider, pumpkin spice, and peppermint come to mind.

This Rush on the Rocks at Hard Rock Cafe is guaranteed to be your new favorite fall cocktail.

Rush on the Rocks
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  1. 2½ oz apple juice
  2. 1½ oz Crown Royal Maple Whisky
  3. 1½ oz sweet and sour mix
  4. ¾ oz Monin Spiced Brown Sugar
  5. Speared lemon wedge
  6. Cajun seasoning for rim
  1. Coat mason jar rim (or any glass) with Cajun seasoning.
  2. Mix apple juice, Crown Royal Maple Whisky, sweet and sour mix and Monin Spiced Brown Sugar in a shaker.
  3. Pour over ice and garnish with speared lemon wedge.
Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
If you have a Hard Rock Cafe near you, you’ll want to go this holiday season to taste test their holiday menus before they disappear.

Now through November 13th, Hard Rock Cafe has a special Vegetarian Menu to choose from as well, so there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy this time of year. I know you are as curious about their cauliflower burger as I was!

You could even stop in for a late night dessert. Their Twisted Shakes (made with alcohol) are a sweet treat to enjoy on a Date Night or evening out with your friends.

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary meal at Hard Rock Cafe to sample the seasonal menus they are currently offering.

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