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5-Minute Mindfulness Techniques

Parenting is full of WTF moments. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a parent and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether your kids are 3 or 13 (and I feel your pain if you have one or more at each of these stages), you have probably said to yourself, or even out loud – WTF?! a few times this week. Maybe even a few times today. Maybe you need some 5-minute mindfulness techniques to get you through the rest of it.

Kids do some crazy things, say inappropriate things and keep their parents on their toes throughout the average day. When you drop them off at school and you finally get a few moments to yourself – even if it’s in the car during your morning commute – you probably take a few deep breaths and spend a few extra minutes just sitting in silence, focusing on just breathing and doing a hard reset on your overall mindset.

If you don’t comprehend these moments and are not a parent, I suggest you read this anyways because you know someone who is a mom or dad. Your neighbors, your co-workers or friends. That person who just cut you off in traffic. Chances are she’s a stressed out mom.

Five minutes. That’s all you need during the day, in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Five minutes is all you need to center yourself again. Shonda Moralis a psychotherapist and mother of two has put together a book called Breathe, Mama, Breathe which is a collection of short chapters with instructions on simple, 5 minute techniques that help reduce your stress and change your perspective. I love it and keep grabbing it to find more 5-minute techniques to help me on stressful days or when things seem especially overwhelming.

5-Minute Mindfulness Techniques

So, whether you are driving with a car full of crying toddlers or your teen is driving and you are holding your breathe until they arrive at their final destination, there is a breathing, calming and de-stressing technique in this book just for you.

She has techniques that you can do while the kids are in the bath, when you are on the sidelines during practice or getting dinner ready. There are ideas for when you are doing laundry, after a total meltdown (yours), while nursing or in the shower. Things you do every day can be less stressful once you start incorporating more of these techniques.

I highly suggest the dishwashing technique. I do dishes at least once a day (not everything has to go in the dashwasher) so with the healing power of water, the right posture and focusing on the temperature of the water and my breathing, this is one chore I actually look forward to now.

Check out the book, read a chapter while you’re waiting in the school pick up line and just breathe!!!



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