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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Has Finally Arrived

Wonder Woman has finally arrived to theaters and I couldn’t be more excited to share my thoughts about this one. I’ll admit, superhero films are not on the list of movies I find myself wanting to see. Sometimes I’ll go with my husband or kids, but I usually send them off to see those type of films without me.

I wasn’t really planning on seeing Wonder Woman when I first heard about it but then I realized it was the first big superhero film with a leading woman not only as the main character, but behind the camera as well. Patty Jenkins, the director behind Monster and one of my favorite Netflix shows, The Killing, did an amazing job with this film and I am so glad I went to see it.

The beginning scenes on the island where the Amazons train from a young age, were some of my favorites. Robin Wright‘s character, aunt to Diana, is probably my favorite from the film. Wright embraced that role in every physical way possible, and kicked ass as she trained Diana to be able to fully take on the warrior she was born to become. I wish there were more scenes with these Amazons throughout the rest of the film. The final battle scene would have been much more powerful with arrows and shields and these warriors coming together as they did on the island.

Robin Wright in Wonder Woman

What I had not realized until I was sitting in the theatre watching Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, on the big screen in front of me, is that she is the superhero many of us (my age) didn’t know we needed. I can only speak for myself, but I doubt I’m alone in thinking the superhero / action films where an attractive male saves the world, or the girl, or saves the world and gets the girl, have gotten rather stale.

Each of the superhero films that come out all must compete to be better, bolder, more thrilling than the last, but Wonder Woman can not even be dropped into the same league with the superhero films that came before. Never has there been a story like this – an island of warrior women who have never seen a male in their entire lives. Which, of course means that they never had to rely on men for anything, especially to save them. 

Wonder Woman Has Finally Arrived

The line in the film that struck me the most, which I have to admit is 100% accurate, was one of the first scenes in which Diana Prince is getting to know Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. Since there are no men on the island, Steve inquires as to whether or not she knows how babies are made. Of course she knows, but I love how she so clearly and logically explains that the conclusion was made was that yes, men were in fact needed to reproduce, but that as far as pleasures of the body are concerned, they were not necessary.

I don’t have a daughter, but I did take my oldest son to see this movie. He’s grown up with male superheroes from the day he was born, so I knew he wasn’t going to really get or appreciate how important this movie will be for young girls and even women my age who never got to have that same experience as a child.

My eyes welled up with tears I was not expecting during certain parts of the movie, and not just because of something sad that happened in the storyline, but because Wonder Woman (on the big screen in her very own movie) is the superhero I never knew I needed. If only she could truly save our world from the one evil being that is setting out to destroy it…

With the Wonder Woman film finally in theaters I have a feeling you’ll start seeing Wonder Woman gear, clothing and everyday items popping up all over the place.

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