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First Timer’s Guide to Valleyfair

This first timer’s guide to Valleyfair was created to help us prepare for our upcoming visit, so I hope you find it useful if you are a first timer as well. Thanks to Valleyfair for providing us a four-pack of tickets to explore the park this summer and share our experience.

The last time I visited Valleyfair, I was a kid myself. It’s been so long I don’t even remember going, but I am sure it’s changed quite a bit since then. Now that all four kids (my two boys and my sister’s two boys) are old enough to appreciate roller coasters and spending an entire afternoon walking (no strollers for us anymore) through an amusement park, we’ll be taking them to Valleyfair for the first time.

With four boys between 6-13, we will have plenty of fun adventures to be had at the original Minnesota Amusement Park and Soak City Water Park. We may even venture to experience the North Star, the second tallest ride, and the most recent addition to the park.

North Star ride at Valleyfair

The North Star, named to celebrate the region’s affinity to being “up north” and the great outdoors – is a 230-foot-tall tower that will spin riders more than 20 stories above the ground. Seated in two-person chain-link swings that will allow their feet to dangle, riders will slowly begin rotating in a circular motion reaching speeds of up to 40 mph as the swings ascend and descend the tower. 

First Timer’s Guide to Valleyfair

From Kids Rides for younger children, Family Rides kids of all ages can enjoy and of course, Thrill Rides for the most daring of park explorers, there’s something for everyone at Valleyfair. If you’ve never been before, I would highly recommend a quick look at the online guide to determine which rides your kids will be tall enough to ride and get an idea of how thrilling they really are.

Find out in advance, which rides have a Fast Lane pass available, for an additional cost and purchase your pass online. The interactive map will help you plan your day as well as getting you familiar with the dining locations and options for add-ons you may want to secure ahead of time, like renting a cabana at Soak City, a parking pass or dining

Kids Rides at Valleyfair

The Cosmic Coaster is a great introduction to roller coasters for the younger crowd. This miniature steel roller coaster has 215 feet of track, reaches speeds of 15-20 mph and the highest point at 14 feet. Just enough to get them begging for faster, more adventurous rides.

Cosmic Coaster Valleyfair

If your kids love the view from above, you’ll want to head to Snoopy’s Rocket Express for an elevated monorail with a panoramic view of Planet Snoopy from over 19 feet in the air.

Snoopy's Rocket Express Valleyfair

Family Rides at Valleyfair

Family favorites include the Bumper Cars, Ferris Wheel and Thunder Canyon, if you’re prepared to get soaking wet.

Thunder Canyon Valleyfair

The Minnesota River Valley Railroad is also a fun ride to experience along with the Tilter, Scrambler and Monster.

Thrill Rides at Valleyfair

For those who love thrill rides and want only the most extreme adventures to choose from, you’ll want to experience Steel Venom, Xtreme Swing, the Looping Starship, Excalibur, the Corkscrew and of course, the Wild Thing.

Wild Thing thrill ride at Valleyfair

The tallest and fastest roller coaster at Valleyfair, Wild Thing stands 207 feet at its highest point with a first drop of 200 feet at a 60-degree angle and reaching speeds up to 74 miles per hour. Wild Thing features four drops of more than 100 feet along its 5,460-foot-long course (207′, 103′, 130′, 103′).

Soak City Water Park at Valleyfair

Grab your suits and towels, because the Soak City Water Park adventure at Valleyfair is where you want to be to keep cool this summer.

The water play experiences such as Splash Station, Barefoot Beach and the lazy river ride known as Ripple Rapids, are available for those who prefer a more calm water adventure.

Ripple Rapids water ride at Valleyfair

For those who are ready for the thrilling water slides, there are many to choose from. Breakers Pipeline, Breakers Plunge, and Hurricane Falls are bound to keep you wet. Panic Falls Body Slides and Panic Falls Speed Slides sound as thrilling as they look!

Breakers Pipeline at Valleyfair

Don’t forget to get in some exercise on the Sand Volleyball Courts – the perfect way to warm up  before getting soaked.

Dining Options at Valleyfair

There are way too many dining options to choose from at Valleyfair, so they’ve made it easier for you by offering several dining plans to select from.

Single Meal Deal
Enjoy an entree, side and a fountain drink.

All Day Dining
Guests with All Day Dining will receive a wristband at any of the participating locations and enjoy an entree and side as often as every 90 minutes! Drinks are not included. However, you may purchase a Souvenir Bottle online at the best price. 

Valleyfair Food Truck

All Season Dining
When you purchase an All Season Dining Plan, it will automatically be uploaded to your season pass. Simply present your pass at any participating locations throughout the park and enjoy lunch and dinner (with only a 4 hour interval between meals) every time you visit. Drinks are not included but we offer a Souvenir Bottle and Season Pass Drink Plan for unlimited free refills all season. 

Their Valleyfair Food Truck is always an option for your favorite foods found on their rotating menu and you won’t want to miss out on the world famous Funnel Cake found at Valleyfair!

Wild Thing Funnel Cakes found at Valleyfair

Season Pass for Valleyfair

If you plan on visiting Valleyfair at least three times during the year, which is easy to do if you spend an entire day at Soak City Water Park, a full day at the amusement park and come back to visit when ValleySCARE takes place in the fall, it’s easy to see how the Season Pass for Valleyfair is worth it. The Gold Pass includes free parking and admission all season long, making this the most ideal pass for locals. 

What’s your favorite thing about visiting Valleyfair?



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