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The Star Wars Saga Continues with The Last Jedi

The Star Wars saga continues with The Last Jedi, an emotional roller coaster, and one I wasn’t quite prepared for. From the opening scene with the yellow text in the famous font we all know and love, I was completely overwhelmed with just about every minute of this most recent film in the Star Wars franchise. If you have not watched Rouge One recently, I’d highly suggest you watch it again or find a recap to remind you of where the story left off, before seeing The Last Jedi.

The story jumps between scenes with Rey, Luke, Leia, Kylo, BB-8, Po, Finn and many other faces you’ll see for the first time or maybe the last…

I don’t want to share any spoilers here so I’ll do my best to explain just how amazing this film is without giving away any of the story. Because there is SO much story packed into the 2 1/2 hours you’ll spend on the edge of your seat. You’ll be mesmerized by the music and the battles and the droids and new creatures and characters introduced in this movie. 

As with the previous story when we meet Rey and Finn for the first time, you’ll notice and appreciate the new faces you’ll see in this one that are finally, FINALLY, diverse in just about every way you can possibly imagine. Kids of all backgrounds will be able to find a new hero or two to look up to who really looks like them, too! 

Characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Just as you’d imagine, this Star Wars movie is once again about good vs evil. Some of the old messages, repeated by those who previously sent them are retold as a reminder that we all must continue to learn from the past and from the failures that lead us down different paths on our journey.

Still, there were questions from the last film that were not answered in a way that was 100% clear to me. After talking about it with my husband, who saw the movie with me, there were some things we both assumed from the storyline but that we interpreted a bit differently so I anticipate the next film – which I’m sure will be well worth the wait once again – will wrap up a few things as the story continues for the next generation of Star Wars fans.

I will say that seeing General Organa in the first ten minutes of the film made me assume that I would have to prepare myself for her character being written out of the story due to the death of Carrie Fisher, but she was very much a big part of this film and I think you’ll be just as shocked as I was to see how this chapter comes to an end.

You’ll want to see this one more than once since there’s so much to absorb, but bring a few tissues. I think you’ll find yourself getting a bit emotional watching this one, too.

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