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Living LOVIDIA Loca

Living LOVIDIA Loca means that I can enjoy the holiday celebrations without feeling guilty because I’m eating less and not missing a thing, especially those additional calories. This is a sponsored post I was compensated for in exchange for my honest review after a 7-day trial. I plan on purchasing more now that I’ve seen the results!

Living Lovidia Loca

Losing weight is on people’s minds this time of year, when we usually find ourselves  celebrating the holidays with tasty food & drinks (and cursing the extra calories that come with them).

Normally, I find myself working out more in the winter months as I also consume more calories and then wonder why I don’t drop the weight I was expecting to. We all require different motivations, no matter what our “goal” weight or size is, but let’s face it, the holiday season with those cookie decorating sessions and Gingerbread House making kits and the festive cocktails and sugary drinks certainly don’t help.

A few years back, I tried one of those weight-loss programs that require you eat ONLY their food (which can be pricey) and I magically lost the weight and inches I was hoping for. But, the food was kinda meh, and definitely left me feeling hungry after meals until the first week was over. 

I’ve never had luck with other diets or supplements that promise appetite-suppressing effects, so when I was introduced to Lovidia (a pill you take twice per day), I was definitely a little skeptical. I was mostly worried that there would be side effects or that once I stopped taking it, I would have withdrawal symptoms that often come from supplements or prescriptions that can easily become addictive.

The only thing addictive about Lovidia is the feeling you get when you realize you are not eating as much…which feels pretty amazing compared to the feeling you get when you eat too much – I know that feeling well.

LOV a Healthier You

When the team at Lovidia reached out to me and asked me to sample their product for a week to see what I thought, I really didn’t think I’d notice anything in such a short time, but by the second day of taking Lovidia, I was shocked at how I was not craving foods between meals and even found myself eating less when I did sit down for lunch or dinner.

The way it works is pretty cool and if you geek out about sciencey stuff like I do, you’ll be pleased to know that the Lovidia simply hits those receptors that tell you when you’ve had enough to eat and stops those cravings and urges to eat more. It’s really simple and really easy to take with you on the go. You only need to take two pills a day. One before breakfast, the other before lunch. Of course they recommend you take each with a full glass of water, but you should be drinking 8 full glasses of water every day anyways, so there’s no major change to your routine. You’ll want to download the Lovidia app if you need the reminder to take the pills during your busy day.

be Food Smart

The Lovidia app, besides the gentle reminder about when to take the pills, also offers health and wellness tips, recipes, and allows you to track your calories if you should be interested in taking detailed notes along the way.

Since Lovidia has been clinically proven to reduce hunger, I would definitely recommend you test it out for yourself if you’re looking for a simple way to reduce the calories you take in, whether your end goal is to lose weight, or increase your energy levels to maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM

If you’d like to sample Lovidia for yourself, I have a discount code that you can use to take 20% off your order through January 31, 2018. Use code HAPPYHEALTHYHIP20 at checkout and see for yourself how great it feels to control hunger with science.

***The ingredients in Lovidia have been clinically tested in multiple double-blind, placebo controlled studies and have been shown to be both safe and effective.

Results vary based on program adherence. In the LOVIDIA Way study average weight loss was 13.6 pounds and waist circumference reduction was 2.7 inches.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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