Reduce your Pre-Party Planning Stress with Subway® Catering

Spring is officially here, which means more outdoor time and family picnics to plan. One way to reduce the stress of pre-party planning is to have your event catered, something that sounds expensive and unrealistic for many.

For me, since I don’t cook and get anxious at the idea of prepping food for a large group, Subway Catering sounds awfully good.

Have you ever been to an event catered by Subway? You could be the lucky winner to receive a $50 Subway gift card through our giveaway.

·         Variety isn’t an issue – They offer Giant Subs, Sandwich Platters, SUBWAY to GO!™ boxed meals, drinks, sides and cookie platters.

·         Short lead time – Catering orders can be placed 24 hours in advance – in some cases less!

·         Small OR Large groups – Size of group isn’t an issue! They have options for as few as 5 people, a mid-size group of 25 people – or hundreds of people if you need it.

·         They can cover ANY Occasion – Whether you’re planning a birthday, anniversary party, sporting event, office meeting or other occasion for a meal, they can cover just about any type of gathering.

·         Customizable Options – Sandwiches can be customized with your favorite veggies and toppings just the way you like!

·         Great Value – Simply put – it is possible to feel groups well – without spending a lot!

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please use the following links in the Rafflecopter widget below for details and entry requirements.

Carb Lovers Unite

I’ve never owned a scale and have never followed a diet of any kind simply because I love food and don’t typically do well with anything that’s forbidden. If I’m told not to do something, or not to eat something, I tend to want to do it more, or eat more of the said foods.

That’s why the #NewYearNewMe challenge appealed to me. I was eager to lose weight and get back in shape after our baby was born and was even more excited to learn that I didn’t have to follow a strict diet with rules that I would  feel bad about breaking.

The CalorieStory app on Facebook has helped me track my calorie intake and although I haven’t been vigilant about tracking my meals every single day, it has made me more aware of what I’m eating/drinking on a regular basis.

The CarbLovers Diet book that was sent me for this challenge has helped me out as well. Filled with some amazing recipes and helpful hints, I’ve learned quite a bit about healthy eating and losing weight without having to give up the carbs that I enjoy.

Health magazine editors, Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, are behind this helpful book and inspire readers to be more creative with family meals instead of eliminating certain items from your diet, like so many other weight-loss programs tend to do.

These 4 CarbLovers Rules helped maintain my excitement over this challenge and I hope it encourages you as well.

  1. Eat a CarbStar at every meal. Carbohydrate-rich foods contain two types of starch. The one we hear about most often is high-glycemic starch (found in the foods we’ve been told to avoid) which is absorbed quickly and raises blood sugar. It also causes a spike in energy.The other type of starch is called Resistant Starch – a weight-loss powerhouse because it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream or broken down into glucose.CarbStars include oatmeal, bananas, beans and lentils, potatoes, whole-grain pasta, barley, brown rice, peas, rye and pumpernickel bread, polenta and potato chips.
  2. Balance your plates. CarbStars should take up around 1/4 of your plate. The rest of your meals will be filled with great weight-loss boosters like lean meats and low-fat dairy products, good fats, and fruits & veggies.
  3. Never let yourself go hungry. The meals found in the recipe section of this book will leave you feeling fully satisfied. Research shows that when you feel full, you’re much more likely to stick with a new weight-loss plan.
  4. Enjoy what you love to eat. Most diets out there dictate what we CAN’T eat even though there’s solid research out there that suggests we end up bingeing on the foods that we’re forbidden to eat. On the CarbLovers Diet, you won’t have to give up anything. You can indulge (in moderation) every day.

Other great things to keep in mind about carbs:

  • CarbLovers carbs curb hunger better than other types of foods. They’re rich in fiber and low in calories.
  • People feel happier when they include carbs in their diets and crankier when they restrict them.
  • Carbs prevent fatigue. Resistant Starch carbs help your body burn fat more efficiently so you stay energized longer.

Caribbean Mahi Mahi with Banana Chutney

The list of Resistant Starch foods are some of my favorites so this “diet” is perfect for me. The foods found in the recipe section made my mouth water and I marked at least a dozen that I want to start including in our weekly meal plan. These are healthy meals that support your weight-loss goals and that your entire family will love.

Tell me these recipes don’t sound delicious: Black Bean Tacos, Polenta Fritters with Asparagus & Eggs, Zucchini & Potato Scramble with Bacon, Black Bean & Zucchini Quesadillas, Bistro-Style Sirloin with New Potatoes, Caribbean Mahi Mahi with Banana Chutney. My mouth is watering already.

The book also includes a section on a workout routine that you can easily incorporate along with these yummy recipes. The fact that this weight-loss challenge has me more excited about food is a good sign that it’s a diet that will be much easier for most people to follow than others that “encourage” you to eliminate certain things from your pantry.

If you would like to win a copy of The CarbLovers Diet, there are several ways you can enter. One winner will be randomly chosen on February 1st.

  • Leave a comment below stating what CarbLovers recipe you’re most excited to try.
  • Leave a comment below listing what you had for breakfast this morning and the number of calories consumed. You can keep track on the CalorieStory Facebook app and monitor your intake as well as taking the challenge (you’re entered to win some great prizes through the sponsors when you do).
  • Earn an extra entry by sharing this post on Twitter (leave a separate comment when you do with a link to your mention).
  • Earn an additional entry by sharing this post on Facebook (leave a separate comment after you do).

Good luck and Happy Dieting!

Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
Peace Begins in the Home

It Takes a Village to Feed My Family

A little over a month ago, my husband finally moved here and it was around that time that I started to panic. After all, he’s the cook between the two of us and my secret (that I loathe cooking) was no longer going to be a secret.

He enjoys cooking, in fact, he loves it. His family told me, before he moved here, that they were really going to miss him, but mostly they’d miss his cooking. Now that he’s here, I know exactly what they mean. He spoils me when the weekends come, spending about as much time in the kitchen over those two days than I normally do during the remainder of the week.

I love this game

Thanksgiving was a great test for us since we spent the entire morning cooking and creating side dishes alongside one another without any arguing (0r crying, on my part). It was a great memory to have for our first Thanksgiving together and ever since then, my husband’s love of cooking and preparing meals has worn off on me.

Still, I craved more menu ideas so I turned to my friends (who also happen to be bloggers), who came to my rescue and suggested some pretty impressive meals (which I have yet to attempt to make, I have to admit). Now that I’m feeling more confident about my cooking skills, I’m ready to try them out and I hope you do too.

Earlier this year, Mama Mary and I hooked up (that’s not the right term but I also can’t think of another way to refer to it at the moment) to create “The Most Interesting Soup in the World” using a crock pot and so it’s been proven that I can handle meals in the slow cooker but here are some additional ideas for meals to cook on the stove, or bake in the oven.

  • Mom of 6 and blogger over at Adventures of a Military Family has a similar issue with regard to cooking. In fact, when she responded to my request she wrote, “me and the stove just don’t have a good relationship,” which made me like her even more! A food blogger friend of hers shares Foodie Friday Posts and has more recipes on her own site, of course.

It’s easy to look at major recipe sites to find ideas for special occasions or for the everyday meal, but if you have a favorite recipe that you discovered on line, or shared on your own site, please link to it below in the comments. We could all benefit from a Recipe Exchange among friends and if we’re not already friends, kindly introduce yourself.

Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
Peace Begins in the Home