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Eco-friendly toothbrushes from World Centric

When my first son was born, back in 2003, I was definitely concerned about safety and buying products that were going to be safe for him, but I never really thought about where these products would end up when we were done with them. BPA-free plastics are safer for my …


Chet the Architect

I have been to New York City several times for work, but never have I had the opportunity to enjoy the city like a tourist and visit the many wonderful museums and architecture that make the city what it is. BlogHer takes place in NYC in just one month and …

Fuzzy, Red, White & Blue by James Hance

I Did It All for the Wookie

When I was first introduced to the art of James Hance, I clicked on every image in his gallery at least twice, trying to determine which was my favorite, what piece spoke to me the most, which print belonged on the walls of our home. Luckily, I was able to …

Hog Wild Toys LLC

Hog Wild Toys

My boys are 8 years apart which makes it really challenging to find toys and activities that they can play with together so I was thrilled when Hog Wild Toys asked me to review their Rapid Fire Power Popper and animal Popper toys. They sent the Moose Popper, which is …

Welch's Fruit Snacks

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Have you ever sampled a treat that was too good to share with your kids? Me either. Except for the Welch’s Fruit Snacks I received a few weeks ago. My plan was to share them with my son and get his feedback to share in this review. That never happened. …

The Mommy Diaries


Dallas Louis gave birth to three kids within a twenty-six month period. Two boys and one girl, who suffers from Princess Syndrome and who also happens to be the middle child. She writes about her family life, which she describes as a non-stop circus, in her new book, The Mommy …


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