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How To Keep Your Gut Healthy as a Seafarer

My husband is a seaman, and I was looking for a special Christmas gift for him. I wanted this gift to relate to his adventurous profession and add some holiday atmosphere. I know that it's the hardest time when you are so far away from the family and will have to celebrate Christmas and New Year apart. So, I found this cute Christmas decoration with the anchor and Santa hat.

Snow Globe with The Anchor and Santa Hat

I was also looking for his favorite chocolate candy and treats, but he surprised me with an unusual request. He asked me to send him several bottles of Colon Broom.

Smaller Bottle of ColonBroom Dietary Supplement

What? Are you kidding? But he was serious. He doesn't get much entertainment on board the ship and after a hard day work the only fun he has is having a hearty dinner.

Dinner on Th Ship

He is lucky to have a wonderful cook who makes delicious meals and since there is no limit on how much you can eat my husband tends to gain weight. And a result digestive issues like constipation and bloating started.

Food for Sailors

When my babe complained about that, I immediately thought of Colon Broom. And it turns out that it is so effective that my darling asks me for more Colon Broom. He even sent me a photo carrying ColonBroom with him. Usually, he sends me photos of marine life and the sea, so I got it that he does need it.

ColonBroom Dietary Supplement

What is Colon Broom? Well, the name of the brand is definitely funny, but I love it not because of just an unusual name. It is a dietary supplement, an excellent natural source of fiber with strawberry flavor. Fiber facilitates natural colon cleansing. The list of ingredients is good too and this is the reason I chose Colon Broom among dozens of other supplement brands that offer fiber. Colon Broom ingredients include Psyllium Husk powder, crystalized lemon that contains lemon juice, lemon oil and citric acid, as well as fruit and vegetable juice to add color, organic rice hulls, sea salt and stevia leaf extract. Having no artificial ingredients is crucial to me and I think that the there is absolutely nothing harmful in this list.

ColonBroom Supplement Facts

When you are at sea for 6 months having Colon Broom at hand is a must. Standing at watch for hours you don't move, and lack of movement leads to gaining weight and other health issues related to digestion.

View of The Ship From The Stern

So, now to stock up on Colon Broom I will get a 3-month subscription. This way I'm going to save money as well, because with subscription each bottle costs less. Moreover, I want to save even more and have found a Coupon Code ONLYYOU to get $10 Off my order.

I wish I could just purchase Colon Broom in store, but unfortunately this dietary supplement is available only at their official website or Amazon. I would rather purchase Colon Broom from their site as they often offer special prices and Colon broom deals. And Colon Broom Coupon works only through their website.

I'm also going to buy one bottle of Colon Broom for myself too. I want to make an experiment and check whether it will help me lose some weight. I'm going to start exercising and adding ColonBroom to my diet won't hurt either. Due to effective colon cleansing and improved digestion my skin should look better too. Once I get some noticeable results, I am going to share them with you too.